Lazy Polluters

By Ryan Vella, Malta on Jun. 05, 2011 - views

3rd Place in the International YRE Competition 2011

This sign has been lying on the sea bed in St. George’s Bay, Birżebbugia, for the past two weeks...

No one did actually care to retrieve it. According to the Local Council, since the object is in contact with sea water, it is the Malta Maritime Authority which is responsible. So calling the Maritime Authority, I was told that since it is a traffic sign, I had to contact the Roads Department instead. Having done so, I was forwarded to a gentleman, who patiently, explained that since it is a temporary road sign, he will contact the private contractor entrusted with the works near St  George’s  Bay  in  order to recover the sign.  The sign  remains an eyesore, and apart from that everyone should be conscious nowadays of the effects of chemical,  physical  and  biological  variations in  the sea water environment by the corrosion rates of metals.

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