Tips on writing articles

Sharpen your writing:

  • Headlines - short and engaging: 140 characters or less
  • First sentence of max 25 words - cover: 'who, what, where, when, why and how'
  • Tweet you headline and end with a hyperlink to the full story on Twitter
  • Start with the point, don't get to it! Editors cut from the bottom of an article up
  • Links can be shortened and personalised using for example
  • Quote someone you interviewed in your 3rd paragraph
  • 2 pages, ideally 1, unless writing feature storíes – 250 words is enough
  • Notes to Editors are for further information and are placed at the bottom of your story
  • Target audience is important – who do you want to read and be influenced by your story? They are your target audience so consider which media they use 
  • Social media can also spread your message further e.g. Facebook, YouTube, blogs,
  • Blogs include Blogger and WordPress

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