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  • FEE Annual Report 2012

    FEE Annual Report 2012

  • FEE Annual Report 2011

    FEE Annual Report 2011

  • FEE Annual Report 2010

    FEE Annual Report 2010

  • The FEE Environmental Education Principles

    After much debate, many Skype meetings, many many emails, and one face to face Working Group Meeting, the FEE Environmental Education Principles are now finally a reality!  Congratulations to all and a hearty thank you to all organisations for their invaluable input.  The Principles were accepted at the FEE General Assembly 2014. 

    You can read the Principles here (with some examples) and below is a video which includes the same examples.  Please note these examples are only suggestions.

    At the FEE General Assembly 2014 held in Copenhagen, workshops were held and recommendations drawn up as to next steps.  It was agreed that each member organisation should make their staff aware of these Principles and each member organisation was given a Certificate of FEE’s Environmental Education Principles to be framed and displayed clearly at our member organisations’ premises. 

    Workshops will continue to be held at NOMs in order to formulate educational goals and objectives within each of the five programmes.

    If you did not attend the General Assembly and would like to receive a Certificate in the post, please write to 




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